UPDATE AS OF FEBRUARY 2015: I never set out to be a expert on yogurt (or any other) dip, but an awful lot of people visit this page after googling “where to find Skotidakis yogurt dip.” (What? You think Google doesn’t track these things?)

Here’s what I know: right now, the dip is back in select Costco stores, but only for a limited time. So stock up!


P.S. When I am not shopping at Costco, I write books. As long as you are here, you might want to check them out.


Here’s how lunch works in the book publishing world: agents and editors dine together at trendy New York restaurants. Writers, on the other hand, nibble leftovers at their desks . . . or, if they’re smart (or bored or need to buy stuff), they hit Costco at noon and make a meal of the samples.

That’s what I was doing one day this summer when I stumbled across Skotidakis jalapeno yogurt dip, which was being offered with Special K crackers, which are basically salt and air with a tiny bit of rice flour thrown in (I mean that in a very good way). As for the dip, it is creamy, spicy (just a bit), flavorful, satisfying and . . . are you ready? Probiotic! It just may be the perfect food.

Since then, we probably plow through two pints of the stuff every week, which sounds like a lot, but — okay, it is a lot. But it’s so good! And probiotic. Also, I just found out (thank you, Google) that the dip comes from a goat farm in Canada, which makes me love it even more for reasons I can’t quite explain.

Anyway, if Skotidakis yogurt dip ends up being one of those Costco products that I fall in love with only to have it disappear from the shelves, I will be very sad and my husband will be even sadder. So, I beg you: give it a try. If you won’t do it for me, do it for yourself. And if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the goats.