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Bubble World’s First Review

Bubble World is still a couple of months away from making its way out into the big, bad world, but Kirkus Reviews (which has a reputation for being kind of, um, mean) has some nice things to say. I mean — “nifty” and “spunky”? It doesn’t get much better than that.

From Kirkus Reviews:

Freesia lives on a seemingly magical island where every whim is answered in this nifty sci-fi comedy.

On her island world, Freesia needs only to place an order in her portable bubble device to get her perpetually smiling mother to serve her breakfast, to choose from the hundreds of outfits she owns, or to communicate with friends and watch her enemies. She orders her teachers around, never bothering to study any subject. Foreign-language classes focus on food instead of the language, which is never taught. Everyone on the island, including Freesia, looks beautiful and goes to parties every night. Yet glitches occur as the program generating this virtual world begins to crash, sending Freesia back to reality, where her parents and sister appear to see her only as annoying. Thrown into her local high school, Freesia does no work and can’t connect with her former best friend. Finally, she tries to return to the virtual world, but this time, she knows it’s only a computer program. With constantly clever comic writing, Snow disguises her serious examination of the dangers involved in immersion in fantasy and living by whim. Freesia uses an aggressively vapid, too-hip vocabulary, in which something really good is “de-vicious” and a kiss is a “face link,” to heighten the fun.

Freesia’s plenty spunky, and so is this hilarious book.

Upcoming Events

See how upset he gets when I leave?

Hey! Did I mention that I have a new book coming out? Because I do. And you know what that means? I am going to have to put in my contact lenses, comb my hair, and leave my house. I’m fine with that, though my cat is getting anxious.

Here’s what’s on the calendar so far.


Sunday, May 19, 2-5 p.m., Local Authors Day, Fullerton Public Library

Tuesday, July 2, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Teen Workshop, Yorba Linda Public Library

Sunday, August 18, 2:00 p.m., Bubble World Book Launch party, Fullerton Public Library

Hope to see some of you there! Because I’m all about my readers! And also because there is nothing — okay, maybe a few things — sadder than an author event where no one shows up.