Hello from Orange County, California, where neither I nor anyone I know has contracted the measles! I am back from my nine-month adventure in France (full disclosure: I’ve been home a while). No one got the measles there, either.

As long as we are (at least sort of) on the subject of shots, here’s how you get a flu shot in France — at least according to an unnamed source, whom we will hold responsible for any inaccuracies: 1. Go to the doctor for a prescription. 2. Go to the pharmacy to get the vaccine prescription filled. 3. Take the prescription back to your doctor, who then administers the shot.

That had nothing to do with anything, but I think it is so hysterical and so French that I had to share.

Anyway! If you are visiting my website, you probably want to know about my books. (But not necessarily; thanks to my non-book-related posts, I have inadvertently become a web expert on Canadian yogurt, cross-dressing, and clams.)


Scholastic’s middle school book club catalog: There’s Bubble World, right next to the glow-in-the-dark rubber bracelets.

On the Young Adult front, this fall Scholastic Book Clubs released a special book club edition of Bubble World. It has the nifty Scholastic logo on it and everything. Also, the book has been featured in both Scholastic’s middle school and high school fliers. As a former Scholastic book order mom, I consider this placement a tremendous honor. Being featured next to rubber glow-in-the-dark bracelets makes it even better.

My next YA book from Henry Holt/Macmillan, The Last Place on Earth, is about to go into production and will be in stores in February 2016. Why so long? Well, because a good book is like a fine wine. Only not liquid. Or alcoholic. Also, it has a lot more words. But otherwise they are just exactly the same.

For those of you who have asked, “When are you going to write another adult book?” (at which point everyone giggles because that makes it sound like I write naughty books, WHICH I DON’T) the answer is: now. Yes! I am currently working on a book-for-adults, and it will be out in … I have no idea. A long time from now, presumably; see “fine wine” reference, above. But the manuscript is living and growing in my computer, and some day it will work its way out into the real world … which makes it sound like a horrible disease (see measles and flu references, above), but I like to think it will evolve into something nicer than that.

maui polandIn the meantime, if you really want to read something new from me, you can check out Here Today, Gone to Maui … in Polish! (They call it “Hawaii Alibi” because it turns out that godawful puns don’t translate.) Or — you can just read a book by someone else, because there’s lots of great stuff out there (here are some of the books that I’ve been reading). And let’s face it: Polish is an even tougher language to master than French.