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Book Clubs

What Came FirstWhat Came First is a great book club read, especially for a women’s group because all women have experienced some form of the pangs of motherhood discussed — infertility, desiring a baby but not having the right partner, losing a baby, adoption. You will find yourselves getting really personal over these topics which also leads to a better bonded group!” Book Club Queen


Author Visit

I love book clubs and would be happy to join your meeting via speakerphone. Just write to me on the contact page and we’ll schedule a time.

Discussion Questions

Books for Teens:

Bubble World



Books for Adults:

What Came First

Just Like Me, Only Better

Here Today, Gone to Maui

Getting Warmer

Been There, Done That

Book Rating Scale

My book club uses the following scale to evaluate our monthly selections. We each take a turn rating the book, and then we average the scores.

The Book Bags’ Book Club Book Rating Scale

  • 10 One of the best books I have ever read (or I know the author).
  • 9 Loved it. Everyone should read it.
  • 8 Enjoyed it. Would recommend it.
  • 7 Enjoyed it but with reservations.
  • 6 It was okay.
  • 5 Not awful but not really worth the time.
  • 4 It annoyed me.
  • 3 Called my friends to say how much I hated it.
  • 2 Called my friends to say how much I hated it and then threw it across the room.
  • 1 Bring back book burnings.

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