Now that Halloween’s over (at least for those of us who didn’t get hit by the late October snowstorm), I must turn my attention away from costumes  to other, more important, things. Like . . . books.

(I was Princess Leia, by the way.)

Hey! Did I mention that I have a new novel out?

What Came First is about Laura, a successful lawyer and single mother who sets out to find her son’s sperm donor so she can give him a full sibling. In the process, she pulls two other women into her quest: Wendy, a stay-at-home mother of twins, and Vanessa, a dental receptionist who longs to build a traditional family with her commitment-phobic boyfriend. The book is about scrapbooking, cookie binges, temper tantrums, swim lessons, separation anxiety, and backyard chickens. But mostly it’s about mothers, fathers, and what it means to be a family.

In writing this book, I had to master telling one story from three different perspectives. In talking about this book, I’ve had to get over saying words that I’m maybe not so comfortable with. Like . . . sperm.

I’m still not that comfortable saying that. However, if you’re in the Orange County, California, area, I hope you will help me celebrate my book’s release at an event during which I will try to avoid saying “sperm.” If you’ve never been to a book party, just know that you are in for a wild time! Woooooo hoooooo!


Sunday, November 6

4 p.m.

Barnes & Noble

1923 Malvern Ave.

Fullerton, CA


And if you can’t make the party? Good news! You can still buy the book — retailer links are conveniently located at your left. And I’ll paste some more links below, too. Because I am only thinking of you.

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