Pomona Reads!

pomona-readsI’ll be in Pomona, California, this Saturday, October 15, on the Young Adult panel at the Pomona Reads! (exclamation point theirs) book festival.

I love to meet readers, so if you are in the area, please stop by! (Exclamation point mine.)

Win a Copy of The Last Place on Earth!

lpoeWhen I talk to groups, a question that inevitably pops up is: “What advice would you give aspiring writers?” After imparting my wisdom about the power of snack foods to boost creativity (it’s all about balancing salty with sweet), I generally say something along the lines of, “Go live your life so you have something to write about.”

So there you have it: it is now May, and this is the first time I have mentioned my latest book, The Last Place on Earth, on this blog, even though it hit stores in late February. Which is so weird because I blog so often!

(I have been living my life, people! Just ask my cat!!)

So, while I am late to the promotions party, I hope will check out The Last Place on Earth, which Publishers Weekly calls, “a winning story” and about which Booklist says, “its original premise and crisp, unpredictable characters are a compelling reason to pick it up.” (Was that smooth? I thought so. It is right up there with “My friends say I have a beautiful singing voice” — which none of them say, but whatever.)

From now through May 26, 2016, you can enter to win one of five copies via this GoodReads giveaway! Or you can just, you know, buy the book. (Links are posted to the left, because I’m helpful that way.) Just don’t download it illegally because that is bad karma and my cat will come after you.


The Last Place on Earth: The First Chapter

LastPlaceOnEarth (5)So guess what? I wrote another book! And that book has a really cool cover! And that cover has been out on the Internet for a few weeks now, but I am only now getting around to mentioning it! (Among the many skills I’ve never mastered — downhill skiing, parallel parking, closing out iPhone apps — the book cover reveal is one thing I should have figured out by now.)

So here it is: the cover to THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH, a young adult novel to be published by Henry Holt in February 2016. Since I wasn’t even close to being the first to share this image, I should at least add something new to the conversation. (I use the word “conversation” loosely. Blogging always seems like chatting to myself in an empty room, but at least that is not as bad as tweeting, which makes me feel like I’ve stepped outside, yelled something random, then run back into my house and locked the door behind me before I could confirm that no one on the street was paying attention.)

And so, here, for the first time on the Internet, is the book jacket copy:

Henry Hawking is sixteen years old, brilliant, funny, and sly. And now he’s missing. But no one seems worried except his best friend, Daisy Cruz, who knows that Henry’s security-obsessed parents would never leave town without taking proper precautions. And Henry would never go away without saying goodbye.

Daisy considers all of the obvious explanations for Henry’s disappearance (federal witness protection program, alien abduction) before hacking Henry’s home alarm system and sneaking into his house, where she finds a note that pleads, “SAVE ME.”

When another classmate disappears, Daisy panics, but soon she receives a text message that leads her from her crowded California suburb to a dusty road deep in the mountains and beyond. What she finds there makes her wonder if she ever knew Henry at all . . . and makes her fear that the world as she knows it will never be the same.

Hungry for more? (Smile and nod, people. Smile and nod.) Here’s the first chapter. I hope you like it.


The Matrix Meets Barbie’s Dreamhouse

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had a birthday party coming up? And you’d say to your friends, “AREN’T YOU EXCITED ABOUT MY BIRTHDAY PARTY?!!!!” And they’d say, “Wait. What? You’re having a birthday?”

Waiting for a book to come out is kind of like that. Except instead of bugging my friends, I’ve been hanging out on the beach. And I actually just had a birthday, though at my age they’re not as fun as they used to be. And also, I’ve been googling myself, which is normally a really bad idea, though it led me to discover that Just Like Me, Only Better, a book I wrote a few years ago, just came out in Indonesian, which I didn’t even know was a language. (I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have admitted that.)

Anyway, Bubble World will be in stores on July 30! Until then, it is not in stores (though it is, quite conveniently, available for pre-order from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and lots of independent bookstores). And a couple of pre-publication reviews have come out, and they’re better than streamers and cupcakes. Even chocolate cupcakes.

Kirkus Reviews:

“Freesia lives on a seemingly magical island where every whim is answered in this nifty sci-fi comedy . . . With constantly clever comic writing, Snow disguises her serious examination of the dangers involved in immersion in fantasy and living by whim. Freesia uses an aggressively vapid, too-hip vocabulary, in which something really good is “de-vicious” and a kiss is a “face link,” to heighten the fun . . . Freesia’s plenty spunky, and so is this hilarious book.”


“Snow (Snap, 2009) nestles a powerful message about bravery, self-confidence, and integrity in the midst of fluffy, irreverent talk of fashion and teen idols and a virtual world at the crossroads of The Matrix and Barbie’s Dreamhouse.”

So it’s official. Bubble World is not just a fun read, it’s The Matrix meets Barbie’s Dreamhouse!

Did I mention it’s available for pre-order?