The Best Worst Holiday Gifts: The Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer

21 Days Till Christmas

Reader, I was feeling discouraged. I perused the Frontgate catalog: no ridiculous gifts. I checked out L.L. Bean: nothing non-essential for a self-sufficient, dog-loving, fashion-averse New Englander (none of which I am — but a girl can dream).

I’d just about given up when I just finished reading a back issue of the New York Times Sunday Magazine, and bingo! I fell across an ad for a Violight Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer.

What? You don’t own a toothbrush sanitizer???? Oh. My. God. I can’t believe you’ve gone all these years without the ninjas. No, wait: I can’t believe you’ve survived with all those nasty dirty ickies on your toothbrush. You should be dead by now.

Here’s the ad copy from the Times:

A Spa For Your Toothbrush. Give the gift of health this holiday season. Violight’s Zapi Toothbrush Sanitzers keep your toothbrush germ free. UV light eliminates 99% of strep, staph, e.coli, salmonella, listeria, and even H1N1.

Wait — woah. H1N1? Presumably, if you’ve got swine flu on your toothbrush, it’s because . . . you’ve got swine flu. When did toothbrushes become communal property? Unless you’ve got a full-body sanitizer, zapping your toothbrush with UV rays won’t accomplish much. As for the other stuff, here’s my advice: don’t store your toothbrush in the toilet.

You’re welcome.

I applaud personal hygiene. And I’m all over the Purell thing. What’s more, having contracted the chicken pox at the age of 28, when I  not only didn’t have children, I didn’t even know any children, I appreciate that supermarkets supply antibiotic wipes so you don’t pick up stray viruses from the carts. But unless you’ve got some recurring oral infections, sanitizing your toothbrush seems a little silly.

Also, what kind of a gift is this? “The family couldn’t help noticing your breath issues (though we’ve tried). Here’s to a sweet smelling 2012!”

Then again, while I have neither the time nor the inclination to validate Violight’s claims (hey, I’m a novelist, not a journalist), others have given it a big thumbs up. According to the Violight website, esteemed medical professionals including Oprah and — wait for it — Rachel Ray!!!! have endorsed this product. So you can make the call for yourself.

As for me, if I’m looking for a way to keep my toothbrush clean — or at least cleanish — I’ll opt for something like this:


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If the real me is dropping the pumpkin (lame, I know), the virtual me says, Let’s get the party started! Which happens to be a go-to song on my Halloween playlist — but is not the song of the week. Throughout October, check back for costume ideas, autumn food faves and Halloween party suggestions — starting with this Warren Zevon classic, “Werewolves of London.”


I have a blog. For real. I mean it this time.

Welcome to my blog! I am glad you stopped by and want you to know that this will not, not, NOT be anything like my previous attempts at blogging. Like, say, Stupid Blog Name, where my friend Michael Grant got together a bunch of authors and editors and bloggers to talk about writing and publishing. It was a great crowd, we attracted some dedicated followers, the blog posts were smart and snappy (at least we thought so), and, and … wait! Were we supposed to keep contributing? Like after the first few months, after  the initial excitement had faded? Whoops.

Next I created my own author blog. I can’t find it. I can’t even remember what it was called, though I think the subtitle was “the official blog of author Carol Snow.” (Why, yes, I AM good with words!)

A year ago I tried a new direction and created a blog called Foods I Can’t Pronounce. After three time-consuming posts, guess how many followers I attracted? ZERO! Okay, truth:  I thought I should get a bunch of posts up before for making any official announcement … but I never got a bunch of posts up. It was fun to design, though. It took me like an hour to find the perfect background image.

So here we are again. Well – here I am again, anyway.  Blogging. For real this time. You know what’s going to keep me to a schedule?  Having a schedule. Here it is:

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