An overwhelming number of readers (Okay, two. Maybe three.) has asked me to give away some advance copies of WHAT CAME FIRST. There are two places you can enter to win a galley before the October 4 release.

Free Book Friday:  I’ve got four books up for grabs; winners to be chosen this Friday, August 26.

GoodReads: This contest runs till October 2; ten copies available.

A friendly reminder: if you don’t win a galley, that’s okay! You can still buy the book! Or … several! Okay, just one. But not on eBay.

In other news, my second book, Getting Warmer, is coming out in mass market paperback (those little fat ones) on September 6. Here’s what the cover looked like in its first life; here’s how it came out for its second. Of all my books, I’ve always been especially fond of Getting Warmer. I spent years dreaming of a being an author, and this was the first book I wrote knowing it would be published. It is probably my most personal book, too. Not that I ever lied to men in bars or anything (much), but I used my teaching experiences as well as observations I made while living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Even so, Getting Warmer is my only book (to date — I am not naive) to have been remaindered. In other words, when the sales got really slow (or people started buying it on eBay), my publisher unloaded all of their copies. So I hope this version sticks around for awhile.