I am cheating here. Big time. Because instead of writing about a place, I’m writing about something I found online while trying to get information on a place. Follow?

My daughter is a junior in high school, which means that for the next year I’ll be filling up “If It’s Tuesday” with a whole bunch of college visits. (I started last summer with The Rhode Island School of Design.) We’ve got a trip to San Diego coming up, where we’ll be checking out UCSD (The University of California at San Diego) and the University of San Diego — neither of which should be confused with San Diego State University. Confused? Me too.

Since we’ll be staying in La Jolla, where UCSD is located, I’m hoping to have dinner one night near the university to get a feel for the college community. To track down any retail/dining district near campus, I Googled “UCSD shopping.” That’s when I came up with this College Confidential parent post, which is so hilarious that I had to share.

Okay, everyone: how do YOUR children cope with stress?

From College Confidential (link through to read replies):

Hi everyone,
My daughter is currently in the process of deciding between schools. It is LOADS of fun. Anyways, this may seem trivial, but she is an avid shopper (apparently this is how she copes with stress), so what are some nearby shopping locations and is transportation to such areas provided? We’re in the midst of scoping out shopping areas for all the schools. We were there for admit day (btw she’s a human biology major) and really only saw the Price Center. Are there any other areas nearby? I ask because we explored downtown La Jolla and San Diego and really couldnt find any great spots. (If you’d like to know I can say that she spends the majority of her time at Nordstrom with quite a few charges to Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, A&F, Macy’s, and other fairly typical stuff). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Also, we’re from Norcal, so she will DEFINITELY NOT be driving

 — “williebo”

How can a kid who spends “the majority of her time at Nordstrom” even get into UCSD?

We, as a society, are doomed.