Wait — whoah. It’s June? And I haven’t blogged since February? How! Did! That! Happen! Oh, right: I’m kind of a slacker. This time around, I’m not going to promise to keep to a schedule because if you have any sense at all you won’t believe me. (And if you do, you are excessively trusting toward people who have repeatedly let you down and should maybe consider talking to a professional.)

So why am I blogging now? Two reasons:

1. I’ve started watching cat videos.

A week ago, I handed in the revised version of my upcoming young adult book, Bubbleworld, which should be out next spring. Someday soon I’ll write a long blog post and tell you all about it.* Now I have time to work on my vegetable garden, clean my desk, go through my closet, and take up pilates.

Pilates? Seriously? That is so not going to happen. Ditto for anything involving the phrase “clean” or “go through.” I can only check my Amazon rankings so many times in a day (“Bad . . . still bad . . . wow — I didn’t know they could go that low”), so it’s come down to watching cat videos versus writing a blog post. So here we are.

2. I’m just in this business for my fans. (And maybe a little bit so I don’t have to get a real job.)

After I handed in my manuscript, I spent a day** answering my fan mail from the last few months. My favorite letter came from a young Russian woman with an extreme fondness for exclamation points (unlike some of my writing peers, I love exclamation points!!!!) who told me that she hopes to come to America some day. In the meantime, she reads my books and blog to work on her English. So, yeah, I pretty much owe it to the international community to keep blogging. Plus, I love the idea of a future America populated by Eastern bloc immigrants who sound like deeply sarcastic, slightly neurotic women from New Jersey.

*You fell for that, didn’t you? Again: you are WAY too trusting.

** Okay, a couple of hours. If that.