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What Came First is finally in stores! (At least I assume it is . . . if anyone sees it, will you take a picture?) To celebrate the occasion, I got my hair cut. And then I came home. I’m still home, eating honey wheat pretzels and entering baby names into a database. Later I will go out to get my kids . . . and then come home.

Here’s the thing about publication days: nothing happens. When my first novel came out, my sister Susy and I drove to the Hyannis, Mass., Barnes and Noble and stared at a pile of my books on the table (while giggling and acting kind of dorky). We stood there for a bit. Maybe someone would buy one! While we were looking!

No one bought one. Except Susy — who told the sales clerk that this was her sister’s first book and we were all really excited!!!! The sales clerk said that was nice. And that his daughter-in-law was an author, too — she’d written maybe a dozen books and had just made the New York Times bestseller list. He told us that his daughter-in-law used her bestseller money to buy new Ford Explorers for herself and her husband. And that, yeah, lots of people publish first books but most don’t ever go beyond that. But hey — congratulations and good luck.

That is the condensed version of the story. It was actually much worse. Afterwards, Susy and my nephew Connor and I went to lunch, where I spent the entire time jabbing at my pasta and muttering, “[Expletive] Ford Explorer.”

Obviously, I did go on to publish more books, which is why I have this nifty website and stuff. And all of the other Barnes and Noble people I’ve dealt with have been lovely. If publication days are a bit quiet in the physical world (once just known as “the world”), on the Internet they are a Big Deal because most reviews and blog posts are held off until the book is available for purchase. I got a wonderful surprise — shock is more like it — last night when What Came First popped up as an Amazon UK Editors’ Pick. They said, “Carol Snow explores motherhood, fatherhood and what it means to be a family in this brilliant novel about three colourful women and one lacklustre man.” I love the Brits!!! Even if they don’t know how to spell.

I also got a very nice review at Good Choice Reading, and I’ve got a guest blog post up at Bermuda Onion, in which I talk about those insidious What to Expect books.