So I’ve been thinking about this Song of the Week thing and decided that most of my choices will fall into one of several categories:

1. What the Cool Kids are Listening To: These are new (or newish), under-the-radar songs that just may be the next big thing. Or not.  If you are under twenty, you may know these songs. If you are over twenty, you probably don’t. (And if you do? You are exceedingly cool. Or you spend way too much time and money on iTunes.)

2. In Case You Missed It: These are old favorites that, in my opinion, never got as much playtime as they deserved.

3. Inspiration: I listen to music a lot because it provides a mental soundtrack to whatever I happen to be writing. And also because I just like listening to music. These are songs that made it to one of my books’ playlists. Occasionally, I’ll even post a playlist. Oh, yeah. Now you’re excited.

4. Covers: Exactly what it sounds like.

5. Guest Picks:  In which I makes someone else do the work.

Today’s pick, “Magic Show” by Electric Owls, falls under What the Cool Kids are Listening To. I discovered this song courtesy of two teenaged music hounds (both of whom, quite coincidentally, happen to be blood relatives). I’m not sure that I love this song, but I like it . . . and I do love the name Electric Owls. “Magic Show” was the theme song for the movie “Charlie St. Cloud,” which, I gotta say, was way better than I thought it would be, and not just because Zac Efron is . . . well, Zac Efron.

At some point, I will get someone from my music advisory team to show me how to embed a song or video into a blog post. (If anyone reading this knows how, please, please tell me!) In the meantime, here’s a link to a YouTube video. Enjoy.

“Magic Show” by Electric Owls: