22 days till Christmas

Guess what I’m getting everyone for Christmas this year??

I have no idea. And I should probably start working on that. But as I browse through the piles of catalogs that cram my mailbox, I’m stuck by how many things I won’t be purchasing for my nearest and dearest. A lot of the stuff being hawked is merely unnecessary. And that’s no fun. But some of it? Is so absurd, silly, and/or tacky that it deserves special attention. And so, for the next few weeks, I’ll be plunging into the no-buy zone. Starting with . . . Nosy.

I really like the idea of The Container Store. Instead of selling regular old stuff, they sell stuff to hold your stuff. Awesome. Chronically disorganized, I gravitate toward any product line that promises (if disingenuously), so compensate for my personal failings.

However. Does anyone really need a small silver alien with a large nose to hold glasses? Really? Someone at the Container Store thinks so. From the website:

If you’ve ever taken off your glasses only to misplace them moments later, Nosy is for you! Use him to hold your reading glasses or sunglasses – he’s always happy to lend a “nose”. Glasses are kept elevated and protected from scratches. This is a must for your bespectacled loved ones this holiday season!

First: how do we know Nosy is a he?

Second: “A must for your bespectacled loved ones?” Really? Call me old fashioned, but if you’re trying to think of a present for someone “bespectacled” (try saying that; it’s hard) . . . you know, something that can hold their glasses when they’re not being worn . . . something that can prevent scratches . . . you might want to try something like this:








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