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A few years ago, I was watching my daughter’s soccer game with my friend Tammi, and she offered me some roasted pumpkin seeds. I took a couple, expecting a little crunch, a little salt — and was floored. Who knew seeds could be so tasty? I asked Tammi where she bought them, to which she gave the dreaded reply: “I made them.”

So much for that.

But then a week or so later, I was carving a pumpkin (yeah, I have my crafty moments), when I decided to give it a try. I couldn’t remember exactly what Tammi had told me, so I tossed the seeds with a little oil, put them on a cookie sheet, baked until they were golden — and voila! They tasted like crap!

(Side note: for anyone who follows this blog but doesn’t actually know me — do such creatures exist? — blog regular Tammi is not my only friend, but she’s one of those people who always knows how to do stuff and where to buy stuff. I told her she should have her own blog but she said no because “I hear they take a ton of time.” Well, yeah, there’s that.)

Here, then, is Tammi’s recipe, brought to you by the folks who invented the cut-and-paste feature.



Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds, oil (olive or other), seasoning. You can use other squash seeds with similar results.


Remove seeds from pumpkin. A large metal spoon or your hands work equally well.

Remove all pulp from seeds.  Use a strainer and pick all of the pulp out leaving only the seeds.

Using cold water rinse seeds thoroughly.

Dry seeds on paper towels or in a shallow bowl.  Overnight is usually enough time but longer is fine as long as the seeds are dry enough to hold the oil.


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Coat seeds lightly with oil.  (This is optional if you are going for a healthier version but helps the salt or seasoning stick).

Line baking sheet with parchment paper or foil.

Spread the seeds in a single layer on the baking sheet.

Sprinkle with salt and/or seasoning. Seasoning ideas : garlic powder, Cajun seasoning, popcorn seasoning, chile powder, or for a sweet version cinnamon and sugar.

Watch seeds carefully and stir every 5-10 minutes.  Depending on the size and quantity of the seeds they should be done in  15-30 minutes.  Look for a nice golden brown color.

Cool seeds and store in an airtight container for up to 1 week.

Share with your friends who can’t be bothered to do stuff like roast pumpkins seeds.