imageFrench grocery stores fascinate me. At first glance, they are just like American supermarkets, but spend some time perusing the aisles, and you are bound to have questions.

Like: Why is maple syrup in the Mexican food section?

And: Isn’t there something wrong with a store that sells both rabbit food and rabbits as food? (I will not include a photo of that one. You’re welcome.)

And then there is the Marilyn potato. It is, truly, a pretty potato, at least in a relative sense. And the packaging is, um, nice. For a package of potatoes . But — Marilyn? As in Marilyn Monroe?

Here’s the product label, translated:




Like her American namesake, her blondness, the regularity of her texture, and the firmness of her flesh make her the darling of gourmets.


The label goes on to recommend that you store Marilyn someplace cool and dry. And when the time comes, you should boil her for twenty minutes.


So tell me. What do you think is the sexiest root vegetable??