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The difference between rock stars and you: THEY dress like this every day, and YOU realize it’s all a bunch of silly make-believe, best saved for late October. Oh, yeah — and most of them sing way better than most of you do.

I’m not the type to pit my friends against each other in terms of “best” and “worst” costumes (I’ll pit them against each other for other reasons), but one of the best costumes ever? EVER? Was Courtney Love, circa Halloween 2006. Courtney didn’t just come complete with smeared eye and lip makeup, she stayed in character the entire evening, butting to the front of the bar line (“Courtney wants a DRINK!”), yelling at “Kurt,” and generally pissing people off. I loved her!

Other classic rock couples? Elvis Presley and Priscilla, of course . . .

Is it just me? Or do Elvis and Priscilla bear a remarkable resemblance to Kate and Jon Gosselin?

What other rock or pop stars would make good couple costumes? Let. Me. Think.

Hey! Did I ever mention that my husband and I were Britney Spears and Kevin Federline one year? Here: I’ll post a picture. Cuz I want to help you like visualize and stuff.

Other costume-worthy singers: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Madonna. Go back a ways, and you’ve got ZZ Top, Abba, Bee Gees, Josie & the Pussycats, Michael Jackson . . . and Madonna. (For Halloween, you definitely want to go “early Madonna,” because when else can you wear a pointy black bra in public? Then again, “late Madonna” means you get to speak in a bad British accent and chuck hydrangeas at people.)

Finally, you can’t go wrong with KISS! Well, unless you have sensitive skin.

And finally (finally) . . . let’s not forget the original “every day is Halloween” band: The Village People! But if you show up at a party dressed this way? You’d better be ready to dance in formation.


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