What Came First


What Came First

“brilliant” — Amazon UK Editors’ Pick

“funny, insightful, and heartbreaking” — Westways Magazine

“If you love Jennifer Weiner you’ll love Carol Snow’s heartbreaking and heartwarming, funny novel!”  – M.J. Rose

Single mother and successful lawyer Laura longs to give her son a sibling—but first she must track down the sperm donor she used nine years earlier. Her search will lead her to Wendy, an exhausted housewife with out-of-control twins, and Vanessa, a dental receptionist so frustrated with her boyfriend’s commitment issues that she’s switched from checking out shoes on eBay to cruising men on donor sites.

What Came First is about lost shoes, abandoned dreams, scrapbooking, cookie binges,  swim lessons, summer camp, temper tantrums, separation anxiety, infertility, infidelity . . . and backyard chickens. But mostly it’s about  motherhood, fatherhood—and what it means to be a family.

368 pages :: Berkley Trade :: 10/4/11 :: Paperback :: ISBN-10 0425243036 :: ISBN-13 9780425243039

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The chickens are getting restless.

It is just past sunrise on a chilly Saturday morning in January, and insomnia kept my brain whirring until after two a.m. Now all I want to do is stay buried under my hypoallergenic faux-down comforter and return to the dream that is already slipping away.

But the chickens have other ideas—assuming their primitive little brains are capable of anything that can be termed an idea. In their coop (which is far too close to my bedroom: poor planning on my part), the birds shriek and cry and say bock-bock-bock, their clucks growing more frantic as the sky grows lighter. Each morning it’s the same, as if they’ve never seen the sun before—which is patently absurd. We live in Southern California; they see almost nothing but sunshine. Continue reading first chapter

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