lpoeWhen I talk to groups, a question that inevitably pops up is: “What advice would you give aspiring writers?” After imparting my wisdom about the power of snack foods to boost creativity (it’s all about balancing salty with sweet), I generally say something along the lines of, “Go live your life so you have something to write about.”

So there you have it: it is now May, and this is the first time I have mentioned my latest book, The Last Place on Earth, on this blog, even though it hit stores in late February. Which is so weird because I blog so often!

(I have been living my life, people! Just ask my cat!!)

So, while I am late to the promotions party, I hope will check out The Last Place on Earth, which Publishers Weekly calls, “a winning story” and about which Booklist says, “its original premise and crisp, unpredictable characters are a compelling reason to pick it up.” (Was that smooth? I thought so. It is right up there with “My friends say I have a beautiful singing voice” — which none of them say, but whatever.)

From now through May 26, 2016, you can enter to win one of five copies via this GoodReads giveaway! Or you can just, you know, buy the book. (Links are posted to the left, because I’m helpful that way.) Just don’t download it illegally because that is bad karma and my cat will come after you.