Pomona Reads!

pomona-readsI’ll be in Pomona, California, this Saturday, October 15, on the Young Adult panel at the Pomona Reads! (exclamation point theirs) book festival.

I love to meet readers, so if you are in the area, please stop by! (Exclamation point mine.)

Win a Copy of The Last Place on Earth!

When I talk to groups, a question that inevitably pops up is: “What advice would you give aspiring writers?” After imparting my wisdom about the power of snack foods to boost creativity (it’s all about balancing salty with sweet), I generally say something along the lines of, “Go live […] Continue Reading…

The Last Place on Earth: The First Chapter

So guess what? I wrote another book! And that book has a really cool cover! And that cover has been out on the Internet for a few weeks now, but I am only now getting around to mentioning it! (Among the many skills I’ve never mastered — downhill skiing, […] Continue Reading…