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Readers' Crown Award Finalist

Just Like Me, Only Better

Berkley Trade, April 2010

Film premieres. A-list parties. Constant attention.

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Ever since Veronica’s husband found the love of his life—and it turned out not to be her—she’s been a mess. It doesn’t help that she keeps getting mistaken for Haley Rush—the Hollywood starlet whose dazzling life is plastered on every magazine at the checkout line of her suburban California grocery store.

So when Haley’s manager offers Veronica a job as a celebrity double, it only takes a moment for the shock to pass before she says yes. Is it a fantasy come true or a disaster in disguise?

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“A divorced Orange County suburbanite’s life gets a delicious jolt in Snow’s superb romantic comedy … wonderfully witty…” —Publisher’s Weekly

“One of my favorites…Highly recommended!” —Chick Lit Plus

“Original and quirky…a fantastic read” —Trashionista

“A sweet story of lost love, found fame, and new found love” —Examiner

“A really great read” —Chick Lit Reviews

“You HAVE to get this one!” —Bookshipper

“With excellent pacing and plenty of humor, the novel absolutely flew by.” —Write Meg

“Fast paced, witty and insightful” —Single Titles




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