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ALA Quick Pick: Books for Reluctant YA Readers

Scholastic Summer Challenge Book List

Cybil Nominee

Claire Martin has some serious body issues.

Not much happens in Claire Martin’s sleepy little beach town, but that’s okay. Let her hang out with her best friend, dream about her favorite lifeguard, and swim on the high school team, and she’ll be happy.

Only one little problem: Whenever Claire she gets too close to lightning, her spirit shoots into another girl’s body. Usually she’s back to her old self in no time—but suddenly she finds herself stuck as someone else: a breathtaking summer visitor who has caught her crush’s eye.

Will Claire ever figure out how to get back to her old life? And, more importantly, will she want to?

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Young Adult. Ages 12+


HarperTeen, August 2008



“An electrifying page-turner—you’ll love this book.” —Sarah Mlynowski, author of Bras & Broomsticks

“Claire’s quick-paced narration comes laced with bolts of sarcasm; the realistic problems blend successfully into a suspenseful, mystical story that will attract fans of both chick-lit and the supernatural.” —Kirkus Reviews

Claire is an easy-to-like, ordinary-girl narrator, and her story will interest readers of fantasy and realistic teen fiction. —Children's Literature






Rowohlt, 2009
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