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Amazon UK Editors' Pick: Best Books of the Month

What Came First

Berkley Trade, October 2011

Single mother and successful lawyer Laura longs to give her son a sibling—but first she must track down the sperm donor she used nine years earlier. Her search will lead her to Wendy, an exhausted housewife with out-of-control twins, and Vanessa, a dental receptionist so frustrated with her boyfriend’s commitment issues that she’s switched from checking out shoes on eBay to cruising men on donor sites.

What Came First is about lost shoes, abandoned dreams, scrapbooking, cookie binges,  swim lessons, summer camp, temper tantrums, separation anxiety, infertility, infidelity . . . and backyard chickens. But mostly it’s about  motherhood, fatherhood—and what it means to be a family.

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“Carol Snow explores motherhood, fatherhood and what it means to be a family in this brilliant novel about three colourful women and one lacklustre man.” — Amazon UK Editors’ Pick: Best Books of the Month

“Carol Snow tackles the compromises some women face when they decide to have children. The subject matter is heavy, but in Snow’s deft hands, the book is funny, insightful, and heartbreaking as it follows three women linked by one thing: the father of their kids.” — Westways magazine

“Filled much humor as well as a bit of angst, this down-to-earth story is sure to please.” — New York Journal of Books

“magnificently crafted and genuinely unpredictable . . . if you’re a fan of contemporary literature, don’t miss out on this novel!” — Dreamworld Book Reviews

“I was hooked the moment I started reading.” – Good Choice Reading

“I loved this novel . . . a sweet story about love and the choices that come along with it . . . and . . . candid, tongue-in-cheek humor, combined with honesty and emotion.” – Chick Lit Central

“My only warning to potential readers is that Carol Snow books are incredibly addictive.” – The Book Chick

“I don’t know how I JUST discovered author Carol Snow but I’m so glad that I did . . . What Came First is a delightful book about marriage, love, sperm donors, and … chickens in the backyard” – Manic Mommy

“Carol Snow never fails to deliver, keeping the emotions dancing in this compelling and delightful tale. The characters are relatable and modern, all on different paths in life but Snow merges them together with zest and wit. Charming, page-turning and engrossing, What Came First is a must read!” – Minding Spot

“A delightful read, underscored with serious issues such as fertility, trust, fidelity, and acceptance” — Book Club Queen


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